Kabul Medical University

15. 05. 06
Last Updated: 04 March 2016
Created: 06 May 2015
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Since the dean of the faculty was not present that day, we had a meeting with the deputy. Also the heads of the departments of pharmacology and nursing were present too. The focus of the conversation was to introduce ourselves and the work of AEuPA. We have also proposed the idea of collaboration between the faculty of pharmacy and medical university of Kabul. However, this proposal was not really accepted.

To our knowledge there is a large social-acceptance and financial gap between the two faculties. First of all, due to the badly regulated pharmaceutical healthcare the role of the pharmacist is very unclear in the society. Secondly, the Kabul Medical University is complete disintegrated from the Kabul University and that is mainly due to the large financial capacity that it has.

Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to show our interest and the good will to contribute to better healthcare and education in Afghanistan.